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«The moment (that moment) our eyes meet, my heart beats again (It beats red). In your eyes, the dark me finds the light. Did I see wrong? The moment your hands touch it, everything around me is dyed. In a world frozen white and cold, the moment I became blind, you make my life colorful. » (Colorful, SHINee)

Veronica or Ronnie
(베로니카 / 론니)
19, Locket ♥

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The 17 year old student who sacrificed his life for his classmate on the South Korean ferry accident yesterday by giving up his life jacket . He was the president of the high school that was heading on a four day trip to Jeju Island. Today is his birthday. Why do things have to happen like this. Happy birthday and RIP, angel. #jungchawoong #정찰웅 #tooyoung #toosudden #rip


Pray for South Korea



What does kindness get you? This.


so there’s this boy i know who commented somethig i’ve written about kibum and said “i really hope you’ll get a night with him” and when i asked what he meant he went “you’re so obsessed with him. i hope you get to get him laid” as “i hope you get to fuck him and go on” and i’m so fucking insulted right now that if i was in italy i would have gone out of my way just to punch him in the face. Wow. After 3 years this is all you think it is? After knowing me for more than 6 years this is what you think of me?????? If you have to write to me just to insult me then fuck off.

@foreverdreamingstar ha detto:Hope you will feel better soon! <3 Try to eat chocolate or something delicious, it could cheer you up. :)

awww, you’re so sweet, thank you ;; i always see you liking my posts and reblogging my answers, etc. just know that i know and i appreciate a lot ♥ thank you honey TT

i miss kibum. 

perfection in the form of a single human being.

Anonymous whispered:
-stalk ur tags- and this is the first time I ever heard someone said that onkey is actually popular in korea??? Can you explain more about this? I'm curious *u*

yeah, international fans are still stuck to jongyu being popular in korea but that was an eon ago XD i’ve asked my korean eonnie while speaking of other things with her and she said that these days (since dream girl?) onkey is really really popular in korea. onbom has a lot to do with this it seems lmao and shinee wonderful vacation dvd (the commentary) + kibum’s instagram updates and a lot of other little things. in general korean people love all shinee pairings (even the ones that aren’t really popular in the international fandom are shipped a lot in the korean one, taekey for example) so the most popular pairing changes a lot, it’s not stuck like jongkey is for us. for the instance onkey seems to be the popular pairing for them ^^

the fact that the “sir old man” kibum uses to refer to jinki is usually used in korea by the wife in old married couples sobs