the end of the video tho. he sings “love who loves you back” when you need it, but at the end, after being surronded by so many people, when the morning comes, he’s still alone. it really breaks me. in all these years the thing i’ve wanted the most for Bill has always been for him to just be happy. and despite everything we all know that what Bill has always been searching is someone to love, someone who will love him back - his soulmate? He definitely changed way of searching for it, but seeing that video ending like that pains me, because i’ve been worring for him and his loneliness for a long time. i just hope he’ll find who he’s searching for sooner or later. i’ll be the happiest person alive when it happens, seriously.




Bill, seriously… if all else fails, please do invest in the porn career.


Since I couldn’t upload more, here you have :)


Theme #001: Songbird
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I made this theme a couple of years ago on my old Tumblr but never had the chance to release it. A lot simpler than my older themes but very customisable: 

  • Two post size: 400px/500px 
  • One Sidebar Image 
    ■ Auto-Width to 210px
  • Optional: Infinite Scrolling
  • Optional: Show Caption
  • Optional: Fading Images 
  • Hover Reblog Button
  • Four Custom Links
  • Optional: Portrait/Source & Via Portraits

Works best in Google Chrome. 
This theme has been tested on a 720p and 1080p monitor.

Customise it as much as you want just don’t remove the credits, redistribute or use as base code. Please like or reblog if you decide to use this theme. 

i really really fucking wonder what’s so difficult to understand when someone says “no”. no is not yes. no is just NO. there’s no freaking hidden meaning, it’s just a “don’t do it”, “you have no permission”, “NO”. and i’m gonna be a bitch about it, yeah, because i shouldn’t ASK to be respected. i can say it in 6 different languages and the meaning would still be the same. no is just a fucking NO

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