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«The moment (that moment) our eyes meet, my heart beats again (It beats red). In your eyes, the dark me finds the light. Did I see wrong? The moment your hands touch it, everything around me is dyed. In a world frozen white and cold, the moment I became blind, you make my life colorful. » (Colorful, SHINee)

Veronica or Ronnie
(베로니카 / 론니)
19, Locket ♥

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i’ll die

Anonymous whispered:
Hi! Do you know why shinee went to Japan? I want to know that so badly but no one seems to know ;u; Do you know something about that?

no idea honey :/ secret schedule it seems. nobody knows. they stayed there for one day only… anyway, if i have to guess i think they’ll probably release a new japanese single soon. i don’t want to start rumors, but it’s been a while, so yeah, it wouldn’t surprise me ^^

@meemzter said: i’m going to see it on saturday and i’m sooooooo excited ahhhhhhhh

i’ll see his first performance tomorrow, i can’t even think about it djfijrotklh /dies/ good luck for when you’ll go. i hope we’ll get out safely lmao

Anonymous whispered:
there are some news about new bonnie and clyde! just wanted to share with u, I don't know why LOL (Key didn't do his performance yet, but Hyungsik had his first show today). The show itself got funnier. There are more humorous aspects now, while the old version focused on the sentimental feelings. Clyde actually goes down to the audience in this new version! Also, there are less kiss scenes, BUT THE KISSES ARE MORE DEEPER & SEXIER. I'm excited. yay

i’m so late, i’m sorry sobs i’ve seen this message on my phone and then forgot about it /cries a river/ anyway omg i’m so NOT ready for bonnie and clyde jfkgioptlhoorthj i’ve read a lot of fanaccounts about it and i can definitely say that this musical is the one i really wanted to see - the fact that i’ll be able to still feels like a dream ç_ç when he first performed it i was so sure i would never get a chance. saying that i’m happy and excited is an euphemism. i’m nervous too. i remember the first time he performed b&c… the day before i couldn’t sleep and i got up at 4am in the morning and stared at the pc for hours just to read something about it. i went on being like this for almost all his performances OTL i really wasn’t that excited for CMIFC. i wonder if the kisses have something to do with this… lmao I guess it’s also because of how different his character is. frankey was a teenager, and despite him being a rebel he was still a cute baby. keytagnan was the most adorable little ball of sunshine on earth, kibum during that musical is walking aegyo. but keylide is someone different. someone we wouldn’t usually see kibum act as. kibum being angry, crying, screaming, killing, kissing passionately… i. can’t. make. it. i’ll. fucking. die. /shoots self/ AND ANON YOU’RE NOT HELPING fdigijhotèhptyà thank you for the information cutie ♥


Weeeeeell since I just reached my first 1.000 followers I decided to finally do a follow forever

So I just wanted to say thank you  to all of you for making my experience on tumblr so amazing, for all the awesome stuff that pop up on  my dash everyday, for your wonderful posts!

I’m not good at speeches, so just thanks a loooooot!! I would like to thank you in person *hugs*

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I love you <3 sorry if I missed anyone :( take a look at my blogroll!

more pictures were sent to me so yeah~ isn’t our teacher adorable? you guess which one she is ㅋㅋㅋ

@key-is-my-wife-k ha detto:You’re sooo pretty :D

awww, thank you honey ♥

kibum has dark hair again GOD BLESS