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89|100 SHINee photos (by shinee-as-super-heroes).




In anime fandoms, you’ll find:

- the ship where the two guys hate each other
- the ship with the stoic one and the emotional one OR the asshole and the sweetheart
- the ship where they’re childhood friends and soulmates
- the ship that says “you will never be alone, I promise” and ends tragically

in naruto that is all the same ship

in naruto those are all literally sasunaru

key: i’ll go wherever you (minho) go.

Someone asked me why I’m Shawol (par6)  MinKey ver.

Taemin vs Moths and a Water Bottle.

140830 shinee moms fanacc:


i was waiting for friends at a table near the parking lot of a cafe
and the parents came and sat two tables over and across from me.

i wouldn’t have known if they had just been sitting but when kibum’s parents came in, jinki minho and taemin’s mothers stood up from their seats to greet them and i recognized jinki’s mother because her eyes, nose and mouth looked exactly like jinki’s.

the five of them sat at the table. i could see jinki and kibum’s mothers from behind, kibum’s father from the side, and i saw minho and taemin’s mothers from the front for a really long time.

i realized taemin has the same philtrum as his mother when i saw her drinking.
kibum’s father opened a briefcase that had 4 copies of park jisung(?? not sure abt this part lol) cds. he took them out and gave them to the mothers.

my friends said they’d be late so i went up to the second floor to get my tickets early and leave my friends’ tickets at the front desk
and the parents had come up as well and were waiting in the lobby.
jonghyun’s mother brought some kind of gift box with donuts? and joined them.

after zorro, my friends and i came out kind of late. 
i think the parents watched right in front of the exit doors.
when the musical ended fans were all saying ‘taeminnie won! taeminnie won!’ and taemin’s mother was wiping tears from her eyes.
i came out and while waiting for my friends to come back from the bathroom, i ran into the 4 mothers again (excluding kibum’s) when they were going to the bathroom together. 
i kept running into them by accident.
i felt like i’d become a stalker so i felt really sorry.
it didn’t seem like many people recognized them.
as far as i could tell, no one was bothering them.

i’d only seen the parents’ faces in the iam movie and jinki/jonghyun’s twitters, so it was neat seeing them in person.
when i saw minho’s mother is the tallest and jonghyun’s mother is the shortest, i thought ‘it must be genetics, after all..’
jinki’s mother is chubby and the other 4 are thin.. really thin…
i realized my children will never become idols..

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